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Posh Micro Bikinis

Just because theyre small doesnt mean theres no room to be stylish! Posh micro bikinis abound, you just have to look for them. These tiny little bikinis come in all colors, fabrics and patterns so you just have to look. Whether its animal print, rainbow colors, floral print, zig zags or polka dots, you can find micro bikinis that are made with those designs. Youre not limited to just the basic bikini fabric either. To add more shine and glam to a bikini, micro bikinis are now available in metallic and hologram fabrics too. With this material, what little fabric is used to make up the suit will pull double duty and work as eye-catching detail as well. If you want to push the envelop a little more in your tiny micro bikini, there are mesh fabrics to consider. These see-through fabrics are thin and have a tendency to turn sheer when wet.

With such little fabric to work with, posh micro bikinis tend to have less to work with when it comes to adding embellishments and trims. To spice up the look of these minimal bikinis, add accessories. Layer necklaces or bracelets are a quick and easy way to add instant style to your beach-going look. Sun hats and sheer cover-ups are also great options worth considering.